YOUR Child’s Health is OUR Priority!

Care Connection provides
to children and their families in medical crisis

Healthier Kids = A Better Future

Care Connections is a Care Management program of CLCF Children.

Care Connections was created to transform and improve
care in the treatment of children with physical health challenges
and who are receiving or who are eligible to receive Medicaid benefits.

While supporting the family in crisis, Care Connections helps streamline
access to care while ensuring that each child and their family
gets the support and services that they need.”

We know you want the best healthcare for your child and Care Connections is here to help you connect to the providers that can make that happen.

You do the asking; we do the work in providing your family support.

Need Direction to Manage Your Child’s Healthcare?

Your Child. Their Health. Our Mission.

Your Child.
Their Health.
Our Mission.

Children under the age of 21.

Quality access to a program that cares

Why It Matters?  
Help you and your child receive the medical, behavioral and social support to help them thrive!

Managing a Child’s Healthcare is a Full Time Job.
Care Connections is here to help!

Help your children receive the medical, emotional and social services
that they need to thrive!